Raising Finance. Think Winance.

Being far from the status quo investment arena inspires us to think outside the box and diversify our network which currently consist of investments in different sectors globally such as Biotechnology, Medical Technology, Solar Systems, Mineral Exploration, Mining, Space, and Energy Sector. We have broadened our jurisdictional scope from initial collaborations within European & Nordic Countries to provide alternative source of funding to publicly listed companies in Australia, Canada, Cyprus, and Hong Kong.



To provide impeccable quality by delivering the best financing solutions and top-of-the-line services to our business partners. We strive to increase the value of our investee firms while maintaining high ethical values and a commitment to the development of society through upholding our ethos of integrity and fair business practices.



To become the preferred premier investment firm and trusted partner of small and medium-sized publicly listed companies around the world, focusing on a diverse range of investment strategies and opportunities that will add more value to our collaborators and secure their growth.



Guided by our core values: Ambition, Unity, and Discipline. We apply a tailor-made approach to our structured financial instruments and continuously commit to being operationally proficient to achieve our business objective of supporting undervalued businesses and escalating their growth trajectory.

Our History


“Banks pledge 40% of their resources to multinationals, 20% to derivatives, 13% to interbank loans, and only 17% to the local economy (Mortier 2013)”.

Since the financial crisis, conventional institutions have suddenly decided to lend less, particularly to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), reducing their risk exposure. Hence, SME’s lack access to dedicated and robust debt and equity capital markets and are more likely to experience difficulties in obtaining external funding while the situation gets worse during crisis periods. In line with this, high-risk listed SMBs often using new technologies by potential disruptors, although run by efficient management teams struggle to secure growth capital.

In wake of these banking and financial problems, Winance took the initiative to offer custom-tailored sources of funding for listed SME’s with features such as an absence of lengthy KYC and due diligence forms, non-intrusive, low documentation, almost no collateral and fast funding, even for operating cash flow, project finance, M & A’s, Capital expenditures and specialized, asset finance needs etc.

Throughout the years, Winance has expanded its investment goals and untiringly executed its strategic plans as we understood that for many listed SME’s access to alternative finance means the difference between success and failure.


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